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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Mars Boarding Pass? Check!

I am totally geeky about science and space. One of the many professions I was interested in when I was a kid was astronomer. And of all the planets besides Earth, Mars is possibly my favorite. Sadly, NASA has wasted a ton of time and it doesn't look likely as if we'll be colonizing the red planet any time soon. However, as if making up for this lapse, NASA is giving people a chance to send their name to Mars. Not quite as cool, but it will do.

NASA makes it even better, though. They give you a boarding pass with your frequent flyer mileage, your scheduled departure date, and your departure/arrival information. Now that is super cool!

Boarding Pass and All Images on Boarding Pass Courtesy of NASA

If you want to make your own boarding pass, you can do it at the NASA website.