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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I've talked about my organizational challenges here in the past and have mentioned a couple of attempts to get myself on track. Well, guess what? It brought me organizer spam!

That's right, some professional organizer from Australia sent me a newsletter I did not subscribe to, and when I tried to click the unsubscribe button, I got an error message. Guess who's email I labeled as spam?

Even if I lived in Australia and was looking to hire someone to organize my home for me, this woman's name would have been crossed right off my list. The thing that's especially annoying is that she must have hired some bot to search the web for people talking about organizing. I'm guessing here, but since the email didn't come through the contact form on my website, it's a good bet some bot ferreted out my email address and sent the message.

Author spam is bad enough, and unfortunately I get a ton of it, but this is somehow worse. Maybe because I feel as if I've been spied on then marketed to against my will.

Do people seriously not get that spamming someone is not a good way to drum up business? Or do they really get enough bites to make it worth their while to do this?