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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures With Microsoft

One evening as I was working on my laptop, I look down and notice a strange icon. I hover over it and discover it's my invitation to download Windows 10. While I might decide to buy a Windows 10 laptop at some point, I have no intention of upgrading my current Windows 7 computer. I love Windows 7 and 10 is still an unknown commodity.

But that annoying icon has to go. I right click on it, but I'm not given an option to delete it. This doesn't make me happy.

I begin searching online to find out how to get rid of it. All the instructions called out this one Windows patch that was released only I can't find that name in my list of installs. Maybe that's not the number they used for Windows 7. I keep searching, but everything points to that same patch. I look through the list again.

This time I find it. I uninstall it, reboot as required, and then wait for Microsoft to search all the available updates because I have to turn it off otherwise it'll just reload. This search by Windows Update took forever!

As I'm waiting for it to pull up the available patches, I discover Microsoft has a second patch that does the same thing for Windows 7. Now I have to uninstall that one and turn it off, too. And oh, BTW, Microsoft might have sent all the files for Windows 10 to my computer even though I never requested them. Great.

Now I go searching through my computer for the files mentioned. I couldn't find anything, so maybe I caught this before Microsoft could download them.Thanks a lot, Microsoft. Major fail.