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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I like to collect pictures as I write a story. It's easier to keep track of things if I have a visual reference. I like floor plans for homes/apartments, pictures of vehicles and places, but most importantly, I like pictures of the characters, particularly the hero and heroine. Not only does this help me keep track of hair and eye color, but it also offers me insight into who they are as people.

The only thing I don't like is looking for the pictures. :-/ Mostly I hate looking for pictures of the hero and/or heroine. It can take forever and I have a patience problem.

This all came into play when I was looking for pictures for the Work In Progress (WIP). I actually found the heroine fairly quickly--sometimes I get lucky--and I picked a picture for the hero. Did you notice the difference for the two characters? I found one and picked the other. I bet you can guess what happened: The picture I picked didn't work.

Oh, I tried to make it work. It's good enough, I argued, but it wasn't. Finally, I had no choice except to go looking for the real hero. Yes, it did take forever. But the guy I found ended up being exactly the right one to portray my hero.

New problem--the book is part of a trilogy and all three heroines are in book 1. I still need a picture of heroine 3. She did not turn up quickly. I'm also uncertain if the image I have for hero number 2 is right. If I'm wondering, it probably means I don't. Hero 2 is in book 1, too, and has already been in a scene. Despite this, I don't have a strong sense of his appearance. I hate when that happens.