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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Real Life Ruins a Favorite Movie

There aren't many movies that I enjoy watching over and over, but two of them are The Mummy and The Mummy Returns with Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz. The first is better than the second, but that's pretty much always the case with sequels.

Living in Georgia, though, has pretty much ruined my enjoyment of the second movie, The Mummy Returns. To refresh your memory, that's the one with The Rock as the Scorpion King.

Yeah. You see, I get scorpions in my house and they totally freak me out. They're prehistoric, monstrous things and it creeps me out every time I see one, no matter how small it is. In fact, I recently had two scorpions in my house. One was in my office and I thought he was dead so I didn't smoosh him, only to have him disappear when I went back to sweep up what I thought was his dead body. A week and half later, I did find his dried out carcass.Then there was the one I found in my bedroom. I think he was dead, but this time I didn't take any chances. I crunched him first and then went for the broom.

I never liked scorpions, but when I lived in Minnesota, I could watch Mummy 2 without getting all creeped out. After all, scorpions were far away and abstract. Then I moved into my house in Georgia. Sigh.

There are worse things, I guess. Scorpions are slow and easy to catch, not like some of the bugs I had to deal with when I was living temporarily in the condo down here. I used to leave the canister vacuum plugged in so I could chase them with it and suck them up. I also grew to really hate centipedes and they are fast.

At least I still have the original Mummy movie that I can watch.