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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creepy Crawly Adventures

On Friday morning, after a bout of insomnia that left me without about 3 hours of sleep, I got up for work, turned on the lights in my bedroom, and went to grab my iPad when I saw it. On the floor. Next to my bed. A ginormous centipede. It had to be close to three inches long. ::shudder::

I think I might have whimpered. When it comes to the creepy crawly things, I'm not sure which freaks me out more: centipedes or scorpions.

This is only the second centipede I've seen in my house in the two years I've lived here, but both of them have been huge! I'm not sure where they hide out. When I lived in the condo there was a constant parade of centipedes and I never had a doubt about their constant presence, but not here. If I knew where they hung out, I'd bug bomb that area. Maybe I'll mention it to my pest guy the next time he comes out. Anyway, I'm more used to scorpions. I lost count somewhere around 17, which is way too many.

So I spot this huge centipede on my floor, but it doesn't seem to be moving. Maybe it's dead, I think hopefully. Maybe I can go have coffee before I deal with the carcass. Then I remembered the scorpion I thought was dead only to discover it had vanished when I returned to the room to get its body. Nope, I'm not going through the weeks of wondering and worrying where it's at the way I did with the scorpion. Just in case it's still alive.

Now I try to decide how to kill it. I decided on the broom. I went to the kitchen, grabbed it, and returned only to discover the centipede had changed position. Oh, yes, it was alive. Maybe not healthy, but alive. I whacked with the broom.

And missed him. I did bend up my metal broom handle again. I bent it the first time whacking a spider. I whacked again. Another miss.

Third time's the charm.

I went back to the kitchen to get the broom with the dustpan to sweep up the remains. I didn't want that thing in my garbage can, though. What if he wasn't quite dead? What if he crawled out? ::shudder:: Despite having no coffee yet, I had a brainstorm. Throw him in the front yard!

And I did exactly that. I hope the ants feasted on his carcass. Not that I'm vengeful or anything. :-)