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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grumpy Patti Says No

There are a couple of things I've been noticing on websites lately that are really aggravating. Both involve pop overs that cover a good portion of the screen. I hate both of these things with the fire of a thousand suns.

The first one I started noticing is confined to my tablet. Every time (at least it seems like every time) I click through on a link to read some article, I'll get a box that covers the top half of the window inviting me to download their free app. No! First of all, I don't want 9000 apps on my iPad. Secondly, I might never read an article on that site ever again. Stop bugging me.

Besides, even if it's a website that I visit often, I usually don't want the app. I always forget I have the app anyway, so it's just a waste of time and space.

The second one happens no matter what type of device I'm reading on and this pop over window is even bigger and more annoying than the "download our app" messages. I've been seeing it on marketing websites in particular (you'd think they'd know better) and a growing number of author sites. It's a sure way for me to close the browser tab and vow never to visit that site again. What is it? The box invites me to subscribe to their newsletter.

No, a thousand times no!

If the material on your site is something that impresses me, I can find your subscribe form on my own. I don't need an obtrusive window squarely in the middle of my screen, covering up pretty much every word of content. It's especially annoying when I haven't even read a sentence yet and have no idea if your content is even worth my time let alone enough to entice me to subscribe to your newsletter.

It's making Patti one grumpy author, so for crying out loud, quit it already.