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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hiccup Cures

A while back, I got the hiccups and did an online search for a cure. I found one that worked immediately, but didn't bookmark the site because, hey, I won't forget something this easy. (Yeah, right.) And even if I do forget, I can just do another online search and find it again. (Theoretically, this is true.)

So I got the hiccups a few minutes ago and (of course) I couldn't remember the easy no-fail cure. I also forgot exactly what search term I used originally to search the net because what I got this time as the top result was not very helpful.

The top result had several suggestions. One was to stick out my tongue. That did not work. Another option was a rectal massage. Um, time to check out the second search result.

Site number two also suggested sticking out my tongue. Strike one. Plug my ears and drink water through a straw. I guessed I could do that, but by the time I got to the kitchen and got a glass and a straw and filled it with water, the hiccups would probably end on their own. Strike two. And then I saw one that would be quick and easy to try--Hold my breath.

It worked! I held my breath until it became uncomfortable and when I released it, hiccups were gone. I'm not sure this is the cure I found the last time, but it worked so I don't care.