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Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Screen Real Estate

At my day job, we work with two monitors. I actually need another screen or two, but even two have spoiled me forever. When I'm at home, I want the screen real estate that I have at work. If I sat at a desk while I wrote, I could have it at some point, but I don't. I like to write in my family room on my laptop.

Overall, that's not too bad when I'm actually writing. The pain (and the desire for more screen space) comes in when I'm editing what I already wrote. I want to see the entire page at a size that's legible and I can't have that.

I've thought about hooking the laptop up via HDMI to the television and using that as my giant monitor, but the cable I use to go between my laptop and TV is heavy and it starts annoying me. I've thought about writing on the laptop and editing on the desktop, but I feel too antsy there. Mostly because the room has boxes and papers to be filed everywhere. I never finished putting everything away there after my move. Of course, if I put stuff away in there...but let's not go crazy. :-)

My current laptop is 16 inches, so it's not as if I'm working on a small screen to begin with, but as my six-year-old laptop is getting close to retirement age, I'm eyeing the 17 inch ones. Which will be heavier and won't solve my screen problems anyway because I'm used to the dual monitors at work. Which is where the story started. Ah, well. Back to editing.