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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Office Supply Addiction

Nothing makes my eyes light up faster than office supplies. I especially love paper and pens, but anything in that category can keep me enthralled for hours. I try to keep it in check because I have more paper and pens and file folders, etc than one person needs, but it's hard.

For example, when I bought a paper planner I convinced myself that I needed new pens too. Erasable ones in a rainbow of colors because (of course) I would use color-coding like die-hard organizers do. For that same reason, I bought erasable highlighters because I'd color code with them, too. Unfortunately, organization is not a strong point for me. I currently use just one of my erasable pens (in raspberry) to write in my planner. I mark off my completed items with the highlighter. Singular. Although I will switch colors there just for a change of pace.

I carry a steno pad with me all the time to jot down ideas for my stories. I have perforated pads of paper in various colors (again, I planned to color code, but that didn't happen) with a wide variety of pens. I love the gel pens best, but I've had some of them so long, they've gone dry. Same with my super fine point markers.

On the weekend of Black Friday with all the sales, I saw a label maker on sale for super cheap. I coveted that label maker even though I already have one that I don't use often enough to justify a second one. I did resist (barely), but it was hard.

There are a lot of writers who admit to sharing my office supply addiction, so I guess I'm normal enough--for an author. I wish, though, that I could be as organized as all my pens and paper suggest I should be.