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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Pantser's Lament

On the spectrum between writing by the seat of the pants and plotting, I definitely fall on the pantser side of the equation. I've tried to learn to plot, but it takes all the joy out of writing for me to know too much about the story. I like to write and let it unfold. Usually.

Right now, I'm pretty frustrated. I have less than 1500 words to go to reach a rough draft of a proposal (that's about 60 pages or 15,000 words) and I have no idea what happens next. The characters aren't sharing that information with me. Usually, they help me out and guide me to the next thing. At the moment, though, they're just staring at each other spouting inanities. It's enough to make a writer weep.

I thought Okay, work on the synopsis--maybe that will unstick you. This is a sign of sheer desperation as writing synopses is easily one of my least favorite things to do, although when it's completed, it is helpful to have a general idea of which direction the story is headed. This, too, failed. I made some notes about ideas I have for my heroine to resolve her issues, but no synopsis.

This is the times when I envy the plotters. They don't sit and stare off into space, searching for some answer to what happens next.They know what happens next in their stories. I don't. So I'll mull some more and hope either my hero and heroine feel like sharing or I get struck by an epiphany.