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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Put One In the Plus Column

I'm not a fan of the Geico advertising campaigns. I find most of them obnoxious, but I also know they're effective for brand recognition. I didn't know who Geico was before they began their TV ads years and years ago, but I doubt there's anyone who doesn't know who they are and what they do now.

But to give the company and its advertising agency credit, they actually came up with a creative concept. It's still on the obnoxious side and I still don't really like it, but the theme? Tremendously clever.

Which ad is it? The one where Peter Pan goes to his 30th high school reunion.

Most of the "That's what you do" ads have been horrible, IMO, but this one? The premise is so awesome. Peter Pan, the boy that never grows up, is juxtaposed with his older-appearing graduating class. Seriously, I'd love to have watched the brainstorming session that pulled "What if Peter Pan went to his high school reunion?" out of thin air. How do you even get there?

This is seriously the first and only Geico commercial that I think is clever. (At least so far. Maybe they'll surprise me again.) I still don't like it. I know why I find the ad obnoxious--because Peter Pan is obnoxious--but he has to be because he's the boy that never grew up. Not only in size, but also in attitude.

And I like the song they chose for the ad--Frank Sinatra and "You Make Me Feel so Young." I find myself singing those lines from the ad at odd times. :-/