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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Quiet, Please

I am not a morning person and one of my little quirks is that I like absolute silence. Before I go to bed each night, I turn the TV to Weatherscan which shows the local weather over and over and over and I lower the sound to 0. That way, when I get up, I can get the weather forecast without any noise.

It takes me a while to be able to tolerate sound, and as much as I love riding the van pool to work, the one thing that makes me insane is the need in the morning to have the radio on. By the time I reach the van, I could handle music, but that's not what any of the morning drivers play. No, they have to have the AM station that does all the talking, and if not that station, it's some other station that talks nonstop in the morning. Why?

In December, when I boarded the van, the driver had a station on that was playing Christmas music. That's awesome--I love Christmas music. I leaned my head back on the seat, closed my eyes, and as we're driving, he suddenly changes the station of the talky stations.  ::Sobs::

I carry my iPod with me on the van because of the love of the yappy morning stations, so I pulled it out of my bag and put on instrumental music. See? I hate talking so much in the morning that I don't even want to listen to music that has words.

That said, I do love the van pool. I sleep on my way in to work every morning--nothing could be better than that. For the ride home, I have people to talk with and that shortens the commute.

But in the morning? Silence, please.