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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Word Is Out

A few weeks back I mentioned the kitty who showed up at my house. I've been feeding her--I still think it's a girl--and while I've gotten her to come in the house, she freaks when the door is closed. I was leaving the door open for her while she visited, but when a giant (and I do mean GIANT) moth flew in the house, that ended my open door policy. So she comes in, eats her canned food and then wants out. I've started putting her dry food outside so she can keep eating, then taking it in at night to avoid unwanted visitors.

I thought I had it covered and that my visiting kitty was the only one eating it. As it turns out, maybe not.

I fed that cat in the morning on one of my days off from work, put the dry food outside for her, and thought nothing of it. Hours later, while I'm sitting on the couch, I see a cat headed for the food only this cat seems wrong. I turn around and it's a long-haired cat. My kitty is a short-haired tawny-colored cat.

"Hey!" I yell and leap off the couch. My parents have crap everywhere in my living room, and have to detour into the kitchen to get to the door to the patio. "Hey!" I yell again. "This isn't for you."

There's my kitty, sitting on the box that holds the cushions for the lounge chair and some dark, long-haired cat is up in the trees at the back of my yard watching me. I told him the food was for this kitty and not all the neighborhood cats. I told him to find his own home to hang out at, that this one was taken.

I know, but I don't want to feed every stray cat in the neighborhood. One is enough. I don't know if this other cat was a stray, too, or a neighbor's cat who decided to swing by for an afternoon snack, but either way, I wanted to put a stop to it.

BTW, I think I'm calling my stray cat Monkee because I was singing the theme song from The Monkees and she jumped up and put both her front paws on my leg. Maybe she was trying to get me to stop singing because I am so not a good singer, but since she sort of answered to it, I decided it was as good a name as any.