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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Bazillion Channels, But Nothing Is On

On the weekends, I usually try to find something on television that both my dad and I can watch, but it's rare that there's anything on that's of interest to either one of us. It's frustrating. I have more channels now than I can possibly watch and yet, there's never anything on that I want to watch.

My dad doesn't like to watch HGTV that much so that rules out my go-to channel. Although, TBH, I've gotten tired of Property Brothers and they're on Saturday nights which kind of ends it anyway.

I've tried on-demand, but for some reason when I search for free movies, they keep showing me HBO and Cinemax which most definitely are not free for non-subscribers. That's totally frustrating. And even if that wasn't a problem, we'd still have to agree on which movie. Not easy.

Then there's the free-to-stream for Prime customers stuff. This runs into the same issues of consensus. And heaven forbid if I try to watch a movie my dad has already seen before. Seriously, the man writes everything down because he forgets easily, but he can remember a movie he saw eight years ago and complain about having already seen it. Grrr.

I'm waiting for baseball season to get underway, then there will always be something on.