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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Gave Up Coffee

I gave up coffee for 9 days. I know, shocking! It was part of a detox. I also didn't eat meat or bread. Those were actually fairly easy to survive. The coffee, though? Totally different story.

I knew I was addicted to coffee--or at least the caffeine jolt--and that I'd been hooked fast. I started drinking coffee later than most people do, but it only took a few weeks to reach a point where I couldn't function without it. That day stays etched in my memory. It was Saturday, so I decided I wouldn't bother with coffee since I'd had enough sleep. Only to spend half the day on the couch, feeling lethargic. I went, had coffee, and returned to a functioning human being.

You can imagine how rough giving up coffee now would be. It was twice as bad as you're imaging. Not only lethargic, but craving it like crazy! For six days, all I could think was coffee, coffee, coffee! And of course, people at work are drinking coffee all around me. Torture!

But on day 7, the need wasn't so great, and  by the time day 9 ended, I was like, well maybe I won't go back to daily coffee again.

How have I done on this? Not too badly, actually, but I have had coffee three days in a row and I'm already thinking about having it again tomorrow, so it's looking like I'm sliding right back into my coffee addiction. Maybe I can still stay on track, though. I guess we'll see.