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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Magical Number

Did you imagine there would be some magical age where you'd suddenly be grown up? I always kind of imagined that turning 13 would make a big difference. It didn't. Then I thought maybe 16. But yeah, no change then either. Okay, the magic number must be 18.

It wasn't.

Then I thought it would happen after I left the teens behind or when I turned 21 or when I finished college. But all those milestones passed without my ever feeling like an adult.

I still don't feel like an grown up. I used to think it was only me, that I was just faking it as a responsible adult, but recently I realized that maybe I wasn't alone on this. On Facebook I've seen a couple of memes that made me think there were others.
One was about seeing a situation that required an adult and looking around for an older adult, an adultier adult. Someone with more experience adulting.
And there's another one
So it turns out that being an adult is just mostly knowing how to Google stuff.
I think there's another one or two as well, but I can't remember them. You know, it's kind of reassuring that other adults don't feel as if they're grown ups either.