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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Death of a Microwave

I've pretty much hated the microwave that came with the house I bought. It was clearly a builder's special and had a number of annoying features--including a kitchen timer that couldn't be cancelled. That's right, if I accidentally entered 44:00 instead of 4:00 I had to let it run for all 44 minutes. It was ridiculous.

However, as much as I disliked the microwave, I wasn't planning to replace it. I was just going to live with it until it died. Sadly, it chose the worst possible time to kick the bucket--the same month that I bought the scanner.

I was determined to buy a different brand than the one that was already in the house because I hadn't liked any of those appliances. In fact, I hated that dishwasher so much that even though there was nothing wrong with it, I bought a new one that I loved so much more. I began my hunt and discovered that all the other brands had microwaves that were either taller or deeper than my current one, and since it's installed over my stove, I really needed something the same size. Or close to it.

There was literally nothing that was close to the same dimensions except another microwave by the same manufacturer. Sad that I had no other choice, I bought it.

It's been in for about half a day now and it seems to be better than the builder's special I inherited when I bought the house. This one does allow the timer to be cleared for one (Hurrah!) and it has some cool features that I need to learn how to use like the one to steam veggies.

Overall, it might work out. Maybe I hated the other microwave so much because the builder bought the cheapest he could find and maybe the brand itself isn't the problem. Time will tell.