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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ecards for Everyone!

I finally accepted that guilt or no guilt, there was no way I was getting snail mail cards out to anyone this year. I contend that I would have gotten them done (at the last minute) if I hadn't gotten sick. But that's all conjecture. So I spent all kinds of time yesterday sending everyone ecards.

Actually, the time was better spent online than writing because everything I wrote yesterday needs to be redone. :-( Some of it just needs to be fleshed out, some of it I have to trash entirely and start all over again. I felt a lot better yesterday, finally had some energy, but apparently my brain was still mush. Hopefully, I'll fix everything today and make some progress, but I'm not terribly optimistic. I'm going back to work today and had 4 hours of sleep last night--maybe less.

MN Weather Watch: It's zero here right now. Wind chill is -15. Yep, MINUS. Would someone please tell me why in the hell I live here?