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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Price Gouging

It's a good thing I was holding on to my laptop yesterday evening. My first book, Ravyn's Flight, is out of print and to the readers who've emailed me asking where to find the book, I've suggested Bookstore Junkies, eBay and Well, I just saw on yesterday that someone is charging nearly $60 for the book! That's absolutely ridiculous. I was complaining about the price gouging by the booksellers on Amazon, but they're not even close to this kind of money. Good grief.

I've been feeling really stressed this week. I have a gazillion errands to run and I'm supposed to write. I'm debating just taking today and doing everything on my mile long list of things to do. I really need a personal assistant. And I'm backed up on email again. Maybe a clone would be better. Doesn't help that I've been so exhausted this week that I can't get enough sleep.

MN Weather Report: 35 degrees. Wind Chill: 26 degrees.