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Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Spring?

Ran most of my errands after work yesterday. I woke up so tired, I didn't know how I was going to do them all, but the nice, warm weather and the sunshine got me pepped up (for a little while) when I left work. I still have to mail a package, but I'll do that today and then I should be done--at least for a little while.

I watched some of the Happy Days Reunion show last night. Scott Baio looked good. :-) I wasn't someone who found him particularly attractive when he was younger, but now he looks just fine. Kind of like Johnny Depp. I thought he was pretty on Twenty-One Jump Street, but I never really drooled over him. (Give me Richard Grieco!) But once he grew up and got a little more rugged-looking (Pirates of the Caribbean), I joined the crowd. I guess I don't like men who are way too pretty--I do like them with an edge to them. Something Scott Baio and Johnny Depp acquired with some age.

It reached 50 degrees here yesterday--just one degree short of a record.

MN Weather Report: 37 degrees. Wind Chill: 32 degrees. Forecasted high: 50 degrees. (Hurrah!)