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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It could be worse

Okay, now I can fill y'all in on the details of my morning. I didn't have time on the first post. (Bet you've all been anticipating this all day, right?)

As I mentioned, no power which meant no hair dryer. It also meant NO COFFEE!

If you've seen the T-shirt "Instant human, just add coffee," that applies to me! So I wasn't real happy or real alert when I left the house this morning. Because there was no power, I had to pop the garage door and lift it. I cut my finger. Then I got wet closing the door again after I got the urban assault vehicle into the driveway. The hard part is over with, though, right?


I go maybe half a block, turn up the spur and there's a tree down. It's only blocking about half of the road, though, so I go around it. BTW, there's a pickup truck zooming up behind me and it's 5:30 in the morning. So I make it up the spur, turn and see another tree down. This one is across the entire street. I pull over to the side and stop because Mr. Pickup Man would rear end me if I stopped dead in the street.

So even though he sees me pull to the side and stop, he zooms past me. Then he slams on the brakes as he finally sees the tree blocking the road. Well, gee, did he think I stopped to enjoy the fine morning???

He throws the truck into reverse, zooms backward and then takes off. By the time I turn around to follow, he's long gone. There were a bunch more trees down as I wended my way through neighborhoods on my alternate route to the freeway.

Of course, MN drivers who will fly along on snow covered freeways at 70 mph, can not drive in rain worth a damn. They all slow down, as if there were a foot of ice to gingerly drive over. The roads were not covered with water and they certainly could have gone faster than 40 mph. They didn't.

I punched in for work at 6:01. That means I'm tardy! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, working for the airline is like being back in junior high school. Or living in a Dilbert cartoon. Some day, I'll tell you stories about this. But not while I still need the job. (Have I mentioned how much I envy writers who can write full time???)

You'd think my day could only get better, right?


I walk into the break room to make coffee and there's no water coming out of the coffee machine spigot! Neither is there any cold water in the sink. I am able to get water using the hot handle and then I heated it up in the microwave to make coffee. I HAD to have coffee!

Since then, it's been a so-so day. Nothing any worse at work than usual. (Like I said, if I ever reach a point where I don't need the day job...)

Lucky me, the day will end on the same kind of negative note as it started on. I have to swing by the airport on my way home from work to pick up my parents. That's not the bad part. The bad part is they're bringing the Wicked Witch of the South with them (my mom's sister) to live with them. Who said the universe doesn't have a sense of humor???

On the plus side, it could be worse. One of my engineers was late for work today because the fire trucks were blocking his driveway. His neighbor's house was on fire--hit by At least my house didn't go up in flames. Right?