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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Playing Catch-Up

After ignoring nearly everything except revisions for 2 weeks, I needed to do a little catch up last night. I updated a handful of pages on my website, wrote a few checks, and did one of the lessons I missed in my online Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) class. One more lesson to do and then the final. This final should be interesting since I haven't had time to practice anything I've learned.

But I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to and I didn't get to bed early last night. I started reading this book during lunch at work yesterday. I need some time off after the intense revision work and it's been so long since I've been able to sit down and read. The book sucked me right in and I kept thinking, "I'll just read one more chapter." I did that until after 11pm last night. Needless to say, I had trouble getting out of bed this morning. I'll probably talk about the story tomorrow after I finish it. But it's gotten me all excited to work on my romantic suspense proposal again and I'm wondering how to squeeze it in when I should be writing my Dec 1 book when I get back to it.

MN Weather Report: 63 degrees.