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Friday, June 03, 2005


I should probably save this story till tomorrow since who knows if I'll have anything to write about then, but it's probably not interesting enough to be a whole day's post. Might not even be interesting enough to be a post, period.

Anyway, I've had wasp problems, before that it was box elder bugs and now I have ants. Unfortunately, I get them every 5 or 6 years and I guess it's that time. The area around the house is like the ant version of NYC--heavily populated with lots and lots of ant hills. It's inevitable, I guess that some occasionally come indoors. I'm starting to feel a little beleaguered, though, as if the insect kingdom has decided to torture me. Still, if it's a choice between ants and wasps, I'll take the ants. Speaking of wasps, I picked up some fresh wasp spray when I bought ant traps. Just in case. I can't risk being caught unarmed again.

As if Insect Kingdom isn't enough to deal with, yesterday morning when I left for work, I noticed a tree was down in the lot next door. It missed the garage by maybe a foot or a foot and half. I took a walk over to look at it yesterday and it looks as if the trunk just weakened enough to fall over. Half the lilac bushes are toast, but at least the garage was spared. Oy!

And how was your week?