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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm In Reno

I'm on the hotel's TV internet and the resolution is terrible! I can hardly distinguish some of the letters on some sites. Sigh. And it's $9.99 a day so I won't be using this often--especially once the conference starts.

After all my fretting, things went well yesterday. They didn't make me take my fashionable broken foot boot off to go through security although they did have to run little round patches over it--and my hands to test for explosives. I passed, of course. So finally I'm free to hobble down to my gate: C14 I'm walking when a guy on a cart stops and asks if I want a ride. Well, I wasn't stupid enough to say no and climbed in. Um, I think I was sitting on his jacket tail, the one he was wearing. Oops! But getting on board with him turned out to be a wise decision. It was a LONG way to my gate.

Because of the type of pass I was using, I actually had a confirmed seat--in coach--and was able to fly like a real person. Coach wasn't too hideous and I didn't realize just how stressed I got flying standby until I didn't have to do it. I had no worries yesterday and it was fab! I might have to do this again when I fly to Orlando for the RT conference in Daytona next year.

Almost the entire shuttle van to the hotel was full of RWA Conference goers, so that was fun, and the hotel is very close to the airport. Fortunately, the plane noise isn't too bad, but I can hear them in my room.

Got to my room, put my foot up and called home to let everyone know I arrived safely. Found out I had a call from my agent that I needed to return. Interesting doing the time difference thing between the west and east coasts. It was only a little after 1pm here, but already after 4pm in NYC. It's really funny, but it never fails. Any time I leave for a conference, stuff starts happening and my agent needs to talk to me. Maybe I need to go to more conferences! Anyway, I can't say anything right now about what we talked about. Sorry.

Then I called up a few friends that were supposed to be in yesterday and we made plans to meet for an early dinner I had about 3 hours so I decided to nap, but couldn't. I ended up working on a synopsis for one of my ideas instead.

Today, I'm meeting up with another friend at 12:30 and we're going to register for the conference so I need to get moving. I'm still not in the shower. :-)

Reno Weather Report: It's sunny and the hotel is air conditioned.