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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Me and My Cane

One of my projects for Saturday was to get a display easel made up with the cover for Through a Crimson Veil on it. I wanted to put it up at the literacy signing--if there's enough room on the table--and at another event. As you can guess from the fact that I was just getting around to doing this now and I'm leaving on Monday morning, I'd procrastinated just a tad. Um, I also kind of pulled into Kinko's at about 3:45. But someone I know referred to them as "the procrastinator's best friend" so I was hopeful I'd still get a display easel.

I talked to the guy who does the signs and he said he needed about an hour. Wow! They are the procrastinator's best friend. :-) It seemed silly to go home, then have to turn around and head right back to Kinko's, but the mall is right near there--complete with Waldenbooks!

Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was shop with a broken foot, but I figured it might be good practice for National. I could test how much I'd be able to handle--right? I managed to snag a spot right next to the door, or darn near, and hobble my way inside. It was hot and humid here yesterday--although luckily not as hot as they were predicting because the storms that rolled through left it cloudy most of the day. But the mall was almost too warm. Just standing, looking at books had a film of sweat forming on me and that's ridiculous.

So I'm browsing the books in the doorway to the store and the security thing starts beeping. I didn't even pay attention to it since I was intent on books--I hadn't been to the store in about forever--and it finally went off on it's own. I guess I moved far enough away from the door. Then I went around to the other side of the plastic bookshelves in the middle of the entry and spotted Liz Maverick's Crimson City--on the bottom shelf. Hmm. Well, there was a slot open on the top shelf and that would put the book right at eye level. Much better placement. I began to switch the books--and was caught red-handed because my cell phone set off the security system in the front of the store again. Oops.

I managed to kill about half an hour in the store, then I took my purchases (no, I can't walk into a bookstore without buying something) and sat on a bench outside, paging through one of the books. Finally, it was late enough that I could return to Kinko's. Hurrah!

I was left standing for about 10 minutes, but the display easel turned out beautiful! I may be giving Kinko's more of my business in the future. They were fast and they did a fabulous job, which is a huge improvement over my problems with Copy Max.

To get to the part about my cane, it was amazing. People held doors for me! Usually, most people let the door slam in your face, but every time someone was near a door at the same time I was, they held it for me. Wow! Amazing what a cane can do. Maybe it's not a cane, but a magic wand. :-) Yes, I'm certain that's it.

And how did I do walking and standing yesterday? Not too bad, although it's easier for me to walk than stand believe it or not. Let's hope I have as easy a time around the conference hotel.

MN Weather Report: 81 degrees. Heat Index: 85 degrees. Miserably humid.