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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crimson Veil, Galleys and Whatever

I mentioned here that when I went through the galleys for Through a Crimson Veil I marked over 100 changes. I think I also lamented about the typos I'd missed, but found later--after I'd mailed the galley in. So of course, when I received the box of Crimson Veil for the MBA trade show, I had to look through and see how much of what I marked was corrected.

First, hats off to the publisher's proofreader who caught the most glaring typo that I missed. I'm thinking they caught the other one too because I didn't see it, but then I didn't have that one's place in the book memorized like I did the first. Yeah, I know. I keep telling people it's not easy to be obsessive/compulsive.

Second, the big changes--the ones that I'd marked as critically important to me--were made! Hurrah! That did not happen with TPOT, much to my disappointment. A good number of the second tier of changes were made as well. There were a few things that I really would have liked to have seen fixed that weren't, but overall I'm very happy with what I got. This was a huge relief to me!

Galleys are such a crap shoot. An author can mark up the thing to hell and back, but we never have a clue what will or won't be fixed until we see the final version. I still remember screaming in horror when I read the galleys for my first book and discovered Damon's Spec Ops team had become a bunch of wusses! Fortunately, that got fixed, but the run on sentence from hell didn't, and neither did a few other things I'd wanted changed. One of them even completely changed the meaning of the sentence and another took my beautiful sentence and made it ordinary. :-( Ah, well, water under the bridge. Overall, RF is almost completely the way I turned it in.

To Do List Update: Five items crossed off, no new ones added.
Foot Update: Still hurts. I'm home and not walking much.
MN Weather Report: 72 degrees. Sunny.