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Friday, September 23, 2005

Where Did The Time Go?

I have to keep this brief because I need to logoff and get ready for work right away. I know I was a little slow getting out of bed this morning, but I'm not quite sure where the time went. Okay, so I did a little update to my website and sent out a newsletter to my email loop for September; I still thought I'd have more time.

I received a thank you note from one of the contests I'd judged! Yea! But she didn't give me the name of her entry, and I'm trying to guess which of the five stories I judged might have been hers. At least she gave me the name of the contest, that was good since I've judged a few lately.

Saw a woman on the news saying that Hurricane Rita is like earthquakes in CA or snow storms up north. I can go with the earthquake analogy, but not the snow storm. Unless a person is an imbecile who goes out driving too fast in bad weather or does some other brainless maneuver, it's rare that anyone dies from a snow storm. For sure, it doesn't leave anyone's home damaged beyond repair. Winter might be a bitch, but it's generally not a killer or destroyer of property.

I have a book signing tomorrow--which I'm sure I've mentioned here repeatedly--and I need to find my display easel with the Crimson Veil cover so I can put it up at my table. I love the cover, and hopefully, it'll draw some people over. I know at least one person from work has promised to attend so I won't be sitting there completely lonely. :-)

To Do List: 1 item down. 0 items added.
MN Weather Report: 51 degrees.