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Monday, October 10, 2005

Once Again

And my streak of the teams I like losing, continues. The Angels lost last night forcing a game 5. Sigh. It's already going to hurt to pick between Houston and St. Louis--I loathe both teams--and I don't want to have to choose between the Yankees and the White Sox too. This could end up being my worst post season in years. :-(

Writing went okay this weekend. I was more back to my usual production levels--8 pages each day. Wish I could have had another weekend like the one before where I had double that, but it didn't work that way. On my point of view dilemma, I decided that I'd never pulled my punches before, and I wasn't going to start now. The hero broke the guy's neck and he's now fighting bad guy number 2. Fight scenes are slow for me to write, so that's part of why only 8 pages.

I have a chat tonight at Writerspace. I'll be talking about Crimson Veil and anything else people would like to ask questions about at 9pm eastern time.

MN Weather Report: 42 degrees. Wind Chill: 40 degrees.