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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Point of View Dilemma

After I went to bed last night, I started thinking about Point of View (POV) in the next scene I need to write. My original thought was to be in Kendall's POV while Wyatt went off and took out two bad guys. Then I thought, well, it would kind of be more exciting to be in his POV for this scene. After all, he's the one doing the fighting while he leaves Kendall behind. Then I started thinking some more. Wyatt's going to kill these guys. Do readers really want to read about the hero sneaking up on a guy, snapping his neck and then fighting the other guy to the death? It is a romance.

My next thought was that maybe there's some way to avoid showing Wyatt killing this guy who doesn't even realize he's there until it's too late. Maybe have him grab the guy, the other bad guy fires his weapon, but Wyatt uses him as a shield and Bad Guy #2 kills his partner. But then I started thinking about bullet calibers and wondering if Army issued pistols would be small enough to keep the bullet in the Bad Guy #1's body. It doesn't do me any good if the caliber is so big that the bullet goes out the bad guy's back and into Wyatt. This answer to my problem is going to take research, and I'm not sure it's the right way to go anyhow.

Wyatt is Army Special Operations. He is in a situation where he absolutely has no qualms about sneaking up on the bad guys and killing one of them before the man knows he's there. To be honest, this is how I want to write the scene. I'm just concerned about reaction from readers, you know, feeling this is unheroic. Anyone have an opinion?

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