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Friday, January 27, 2006

King Tut

Earlier this week, I received an email to let me know that King Tut tickets for the Chicago showing are now on sale. After a couple of days debating whether it was an advantage to join the special "Royal Tut Membership" at the museum, my tickets are now ordered. Hurrah!

There was one thing, though, that ticked me off. I knew there'd be a handling fee on the tickets--there always is--and this was no exception. I hated paying an extra $3 per ticket, but that's the way it goes. The part that got me mad was when they tacked on another $3 handling fee at the end of the checkout process for mailing the tickets to me. Excuse me? Isn't that covered in the already high per ticket handling fee? Apparently not. I looked at my options, thinking maybe will call would be free. Nope. $3 handling for that as well. I briefly considered canceling the order and calling the museum, but then I figured I'd be facing the same thing over the phone.

The exhibit runs May 26 (I think) through Jan 1, 2007 so probably by the time I go to see it, I won't be irked any more, but I'm glad now I didn't buy the museum membership on top of the ticket charges. Man! Of course, this is cheaper than a trip to Egypt. I guess I could look at it that way.