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Monday, January 02, 2006


Bloglines was down this morning. I didn't realize just how much I counted on that service for my morning reading, but I really do. I don't even have all the blogs I like bookmarked on my computer, only subscribed to in Bloglines. I might have to remedy that so if it's down again, I'll still be able to read my favorites. Fortunately, they got it back up quickly. Or at least quickly from my perspective.

Yesterday I was glancing through the ads in Sunday's paper and found the table I want for my dining area. The big question, though, was would it fit in the space I have. The kitchen/dining/great room area ended up being much smaller than I expected. Clearly, some measuring was called for and I also wanted to measure the great room so that I knew what size area rug I needed to order. Free shipping ends on Jan 8th. :-)

So I rounded up my dad and his tape measures and we headed over to the new house. No one had been over there since it snowed on Thursday night/Friday, so I was the first one to plow through the snow. I put it in four wheel drive low and stepped on the accelerator. I think my poor dad was worried we were going to slide into the house, but of course we didn't.

I didn't think anyone had been at the house all last week, but when I got inside, that wasn't true. They hadn't done much, but there were a few things that had gotten accomplished. The door was on the computer room closet, and they'd cut down the door for the linen closet so that it actually could close. Other than that, it just looked like they'd done some straightening up.

First thing to measure was the area for the dining room table. We decided the dimension of the table would work well. Hurrah! Of course, I have to go to the store and visit the table in person to make sure I really do like it, but I think all systems are go here.

I love the color of this table--Amaretto--and I love the backs on the chairs. I'm a big believer in mixing woods--I think it looks cool--so no worries about the color not matching the oak cabinets. It doesn't come with the two end chairs, but I really don't have room for them anyway. I'd hoped to get over to the furniture store today, but it's freezing rain outside right now. It's supposed to end, so maybe this afternoon.

Next, we measured for the runner in the hallway. The shorter size is going to fit absolutely perfectly. Then came the more difficult decision--what size area rug. I had three choices in the design I liked. We measured out the big one first, then the middle one. I decided the bigger (read more expensive) one was the best choice. The medium size was good on width--that wouldn't have been an issue--but the length was a problem. The bigger size had a perfect length.

So everything is all set, then. It's just a matter now of finding somewhere to put the table if I get it, and the rugs until I can move into the new place.

Enough house stuff, right? Sorry. I am getting excited now that it's starting to look like something. I really can't wait until the countertops are in and the flooring.