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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Work--Oh, Joy

Since the title says it all, I won't whine about going back to the day job or about the fact that it will be five long months without another holiday.

I spent yesterday ripping my new Christmas CDs to the MP3 player, along with all the Bud Light commercials I downloaded. Did a little looking around at podcasts didn't find anything I couldn't live without so I didn't download anything. Besides, I have dial up. Downloading anything takes time.

It's interesting when I visit author websites--and I did a lot of that as I worked on my redesign--how easy it is to tell which authors have high speed and which ones don't. I hit a lot of sites that took forever and I know it's because they were author-designed and that said author must have high speed. Granted, my new site isn't quite as fast as I'd like for dial up, but when my main graphic is downloaded once, everything else loads pretty fast. Anyway, I felt like emailing a few authors and telling them, hey, most of us are still on dial up, you might want to rethink the design.

I printed out what I have written on the book I'll be working on next. I have that in my bag as well as the remaining Golden Heart entries I need to read and a chapter from one of my writing buddies. The goal for the week is to get my head into the new book.