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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I brought more boxes over to the house yesterday. This move is daunting. I need a how-to manual or something on the process. How To Move 5000+ Books and Everything Else for Dummies. The problem--as I'm seeing it--is this. Before I can move my bookcases and furniture, I have to empty said items. Now where the hell do I put all these boxes in the meantime? The garage is going to fill up fast at the rate I'm going with the books and I'm not thrilled about leaving anything out there to begin with, you know?

Once upon a time, I used to be anally organized. (And some people will argue that I still am--at least on some things.) But I feel woefully at sea on the best way to make the move.

To add to the issue, I still don't have the windows covered except for temporary, don't-fit-the-windows-real-well curtains. This limits how much stuff I want to bring over to the house. And while all this is going on, I work full time, have a deadline a little over four months away (and we all know how long I write), and have other things that need to be done. Like watch the Olympics and attend chats. :-) (Carolyn, I'm now stuck on level 25 of Gridlock.)

Enough whining, I guess. Maybe.

There isn't much else to report. I was right about my editor having Presidents' Day off, so I didn't hear anything about my revisions--not that I really expected to this quickly anyway. I didn't accomplish anything writing related on the new book because my head is still firmly entrenched in the old one.

Oh, the chat I went to last night was with a book buyer for one of the chains. It was interesting, but kind of depressing in a way because the things that make a difference on sales all seem to be tied to stuff that most writers have no control over like the cover of their book. She said sexy covers are selling books. I didn't think of it last night, but I woke up this morning wondering how is "sexy cover" defined? Is it a clinch? A hot guy? Bare skin? Wish I'd thought of this last night so I could have asked.