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Monday, February 06, 2006

Not Quite a Nightmare, But...

I think I might be a little stressed right now. Last night, I dreamt I was moving. I dreamt about the fake wood floor. I dreamt about tile. Obviously, the house is very much on my mind and none of these dreams were particularly restful. I feel so tired right now, I may as well have really moved overnight. :-0

I have lists. Several lists. I like to write things down when I feel overwhelmed. I managed to cross a couple of items off. Like my dad and I checked the oven and the reason it isn't working is they have the circuit breaker off. Oven worked just fine once that was tripped. Same with the stove top. I can check this off.

Still no pull out cabinet drawers for the island. This is very annoying since I clearly stated what I want, but men apparently don't listen when women talk about construction things--even cabinets. Grrr. This is just one example out of several.

I have my bookcases for the computer room--acquired at great personal cost to me since it required a trip to the only Ikea store for hundreds and hundreds of miles on a Saturday. We won't even talk about the credit card. Ouch!

But there are some items on my list that I won't be able to check off for a long time. That's going to bug me. A lot.

Still have a ton to do on revisions. Since the house closing is first, probably this has to wait till after Thursday to invade my dreams. :-( On the plus side, though. Once I close on the house, I can lock myself inside with the laptop and work without interruption. No phone means no internet which means no email or blogs which means nothing to do except write. Especially since the house is empty. My choices would be to put together the bookcases or revise. :-)