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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Computer Consultant

I didn't get me time yesterday. I took my dad to buy a computer. My parents are absolutely clueless about them, and God help me, my dad is reading stuff and asking questions. Which would be fine if he understood the answers. He doesn't. We were taking about RAM--the computer came with 256, which is low--and he thought that was connected to how many documents he could save. Then I had to explain hard drive versus RAM.

Anyway, the computer is successfully purchased. We were able to bring home the monitor and printer that were in the package right away, but because we were having more RAM installed and a modem card, they had to keep the CPU overnight. They were backed up on work or something.

The part, though, that really chapped my hide was that they charge $40 to put in a modem card! They have got to be kidding! That's a five minute job if you have to open the computer. With the box already open to put in the memory, it's like a grand total of 2 minutes and that's if the guy goes slowly. When I commented on that, the kid who was selling us the computer said well, the tech is certified. Hell, I want to go to computer school and get certified. If I had a job where I earned $40 for 5 minutes worth of work, I'd be ecstatic! That works out to $480 per hour. Obviously, I'm in the wrong job.

Anyway, because I don't have enough strength in my hands to seed a card firmly enough into the slot, I had them add it to the bill. I used to try to swap out modem cards on my first computer, back when modems were still getting faster, and I never could get that darn thing in right. But man, it hurt to pay that!

They're supposed to have the computer ready for my dad to pick up this morning. I made the kid cross his heart and hope to die. :-) I know, I know, but I'm still waiting for the table that I ordered, the one that was supposed to be delivered the week of Feb 12th!

I'm going to my chapter meeting this morning. The speaker is a SWAT guy, I think. It was someone I was interested in hearing, I do remember that much. Then I'll spend the afternoon loading software and setting up programs for my dad. Probably giving him a tutorial on how to use it as well. :-/ Should be an interesting day. Gah!

* * *
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