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Friday, April 28, 2006

If I Could Turn Back Time

I looked at the calendar yesterday and shrieked. How can it possibly be May next week? And how am I going to squeeze in a trip to Kinkos to get some easels made up with my new cover in time for RT? Gah! At least the proof arrived for my Eternal Nights bookmark and it was perfect so I signed off on that.

Last night, I finished another chapter and I already know I have a fairly big hole to plug. It completely slipped my mind. The positive thing is that it's simple to fix. A couple of lines of dialogue and I should be good to go. I need to do some chapter goals before I start the next one, but I killed someone yesterday so I feel better now.

And a series of miscellaneous asides:

I can walk on the sidewalk now, but I still can't drive on the driveway till next week.

I wore one pair of my new shoes yesterday and they didn't aggravate my stupid foot. I plan to try out the second pair today.

I can give a big thumbs up on the glass nail file. I love mine and wish I'd bought several of them so that I could have one at work and one in my purse in addition to the one I have now. One drawback is that I really have to pay attention because it seems to saw down nails faster than an emery board. With the board, I had to use two different colors--one to shorten and one fine to clean up the mess. The glass nail file does a smooth enough job that I don't need to use anything else. The second drawback is that my nails grow faster since the glass file is doing less damage to them.

And I give the non-glare coating I'm trying on my glasses a big thumbs down. I won't pay for that again. Smudges up much easier than regular glasses and is much harder to de-smudge.