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Friday, May 05, 2006

Meandering Mind

Today was my day to blog over at 2 B Read. I ended up confessing about my Obsessive Book Hoarding and the size of my TBR pile. That's a little embarrassing, but given the topic, I didn't think I could avoid it.

My table is supposed to be delivered today. I don't know how many times I've mentioned this for sure--at least once before--but I'm half-hopeful, half worried. I'm reaching for good omens. I found the table on January 5th. It's May 5th. That has to mean the table is going to be perfect when they take it out of the box.

On Sunday, I blogged about one of my pet peeves--people not replying to my emails. I never did hear from either of the people who inspired that post, at least not about the topic that I emailed about. But I had a couple of other emails I sent out to reviewers who I was hoping would read Eternal Nights. I didn't hear back from two of them. Sigh. So now I'm wondering do I email them again or do I just let it go, assuming that the no reply is a no?

I know, I can't really assume since I could be sitting in a spam filter, but if they did get the email and did decide they weren't interested and I email again... This is why people need to answer their email! Good grief! My neuroses can't stand it. :-) Plus, it's only polite. I'll refrain from saying more, but this is a topic that irks me enough to get me going every time.

After four or five false starts on the chapter I started Wednesday, I manage to write 9 pages yesterday. Okay, closer to 9 1/3. Yea! Of course, most of those pages are without point, but my writing buddy and I found a way to tie them in to the story as a whole, so I'll be working on that today before I move on to the next scene. :-)

Still trying to come up with a snappy tagline for EN. I've got something about: Desperate smugglers, an ancient temple and a sexy Special Ops officer.... After that, well, nothing real good. I'm going to try turning it around so the list is at the end and I start off with the heroine. I'm hopeful that will work. I am, however, open to suggestions.