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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rush, Rush, Rush

Late post today. I overslept so badly that I only had time to shower and run out the door. No coffee. No internet. Not a good start.

I arrived home from work yesterday with great trepidation. After the past few days and my dad's projects at my house, I didn't know what I'd find. Fortunately, he had a lodge meeting yesterday and was unable to undertake any big jobs. Whew! I think he needs more lodge meetings! He should be excited, though, because they delivered the lumber for my deck yesterday, so sometime this week, they'll have to dig the footings because it's supposed to be put together this weekend.

I am excited about the deck! It's going to be so nice after it's built to go out in the morning--probably weekends only--and have coffee out there. Or to sit outside in the afternoons when I get home from work and read. This is all after the WIP is mailed to NYC, of course, but I'm really looking forward to this. Plus, it'll give me access to the backyard without having to walk around the house to get there.

I hit the rougher stuff on the WIP now and I didn't get as much accomplished last night as I was getting done earlier. I knew this would happen, though, so I'm not surprised or disappointed. It didn't help that my insomnia has been wild this week and I keep falling asleep sitting up. :-( Sigh. Hopefully, the extra hour I had this morning will help tonight. :-/

The weird thing is that I have this song going through my head and it's one I haven't heard in a really long time. It makes me wonder if I picked it up while I was sleeping and my alarm was going off. Subliminal? Subconscious? I'd love to know if the radio station played it this morning.

Maia talked to me some more last night while I was trying to fall asleep. She's Ryne's sister. For visitors who don't know, Ryne is the heroine of the WIP and Maia will be the heroine of the next book. I didn't get too much information, but it was helpful stuff for getting a handle on her. Now if only Creed would start talking! That's Maia's hero. I'm not pushing it right now, though, just letting the information come in as it wants to. The focus is on Ryne and Deke right now. I'm taking a few days off from work next week to power through more revisions and actually have some sleep!