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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Believe It Or Not

My wasp woes continue. I'd checked my windows when I returned from Atlanta, but since they were all clear after a week away, I figured I'd zapped the wasp with insecticide and that all was right with my world. Yesterday, however, I felt compelled to make another check. Imagine my dismay when I opened my bedroom window and grass fell. Again. Sigh.

So I went and got the wasp killer and sprayed the hell out of the top of the window. Then I moved to my next bedroom window and opened it. She flew into the top corner of the window. I fired. (I was still armed with wasp spray). That wasn't enough to deter her, she came back again. I fired again. I don't know if I hit her or not, but I hope so. I also sprayed the top of that window. And of course, I now have streaks of wasp spray running down the glass. I've mentioned before if my choice is messy windows or wasps, I'll take the messy windows, but today the lady from the blind company is coming out and my bedroom windows are one of the two I want to get covered. Sigh.

BTW, the unbelievable part about the wasp is that this is not the same wasp I shot at before I left for National. That one was big, but not as long as this one. This current wasp has to be 2 inches counting the stinger hanging off the back end. Ick! I just hope I hit it with the spray, but I'm beginning to feel besieged.

I made some more notes yesterday for my futuristic series during lunch, but when I got home, I started writing. I won't keep any of these pages, I'm pretty sure about that, but I feel like I know the characters better after I write them. Of course, Sasha was the one I needed to know better and it was Flare's POV I was in. :-/ Maybe I won't keep what I wrote here, but I think I know how Flare and Sasha meet again and it's a bit more dramatic than what I was thinking originally.

BTW, I love Flare to bits! He's so tough on the outside and so wounded on the inside, although wounded differently than my guys ususally are--with the possible exception of Conor. The part I think is going to be so interesting is that Sasha inadvertantly caused some of the pain herself without realizing it. That adds a layer between them that I wasn't expecting.

I think that's all I have. Of course, there will be blind and wasp reports tomorrow. Although, TBH, I'd just as soon forgo the wasp part of the deal. :-/