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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's New Calendar Time

I overslept again this morning. Sigh. Worse than yesterday and that's why this is posting later. I was working on edits and didn't get to bed till after 11pm. They were going so well, I hated to stop, but I knew I'd pay the price today--and I am.

Last night, I had a spend $40, save $10 coupon from Barnes & Noble, and since I needed wall and desk calendars, I decided to check out if they were on sale online. I confess, I wait till they're 50% off to buy. I was planning to hit BN this weekend, but if I could avoid a trip to the mall, that's a good thing. Luckily, most of the calendars were marked down.

The wall calendar ended up being really easy. The featured item had pictures of the Greek isles and the images were gorgeous! Usually, I go with Scotland or Ireland and last year I had New Orleans (proceeds of the calendar went to Katrina relief), but this year I wanted something different. Greece is definitely different.

The desk calendar was a little more difficult to pick out. I usually go with the French Impressionists, but again, I wanted something different. I found a really cool Japanese art calendar and I was going to order it, but the description didn't say whether or not it's spiral-bound. I want my desk calendar to be spiral so I couldn't risk ordering it. I went with one of Italy instead.

Then, to make up my $40, I picked up the Lonely Planet guide to Tahiti and French Polynesia. (Yes, my Polynesian heroine is still hanging around, but she won't talk to me until I'm ready to work on her story. A good thing, too, since I have to concentrate on Creed and Maia.) Lonely Planet has fab pictures (I have their guides to Australia and Ireland already) and good info and it's a research book. I was all set now to check out.

My Italy desk calendar was out of stock. Sigh. I had to pick a new one. (I wish they would have told me that before I was ready to buy!) I dithered a little, but finally went with a Zen calendar. I haven't been meditating the way I should lately, so hopefully the pictures and text will encourage me.

The Zen calendar, though, was cheaper than Italy and now I didn't have $40. I had to find $5 somewhere. I almost bought a Lonely Planet guide to another part of Polynesia, but didn't want to spent that much money when I don't know my heroine's (or hero's) heritage for sure. Polynesia covers a lot of ground. I ended up going with a Susan Andersen book that I'd missed earlier this summer. Susan Andersen has been a must-buy author for me since Baby, I'm Yours and I read Head Over Heels so many times, I had to buy a second copy. This new one (the title escapes me) has another showgirl heroine and Andersen does them so well. If I only had time to read...

I also discovered a textbook on Polynesian Mythology. It was $75. Gah! But I actually found it at the publisher's website for half price--new edition must be coming out--so I'm going to order it from there. It sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for.

The weather yesterday ended up being much ado about nothing, but it was nice to have extra time to drive into work. It's amazing how much calmer I am when I don't have to rush.