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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Old Celebrities and Shards of Crimson

My parents have some of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts on video and we watched the one where Johnny Carson was the man of the week on Christmas. As they introduced the people on the dais, I'm thinking: He's dead, he's dead, he's dead, she's dead, he's dead, etc. For the ones that were still living, I was like, wow, he looks so young! There was only one person on the stage that had me going: Who the heck is that? It was some blonde woman and I don't remember her name.

Mostly, the show held up fairly well. There were some jokes that just weren't funny any longer, but Bob Newhart was still very funny and George Burns. Rich Little did all of Johnny's mannerisms and that was hilarious too because then Johnny stopped trying to do any of those gestures. BTW, whatever happened to Rich Little? I haven't seen anything about him in ages.

Overall, it was a nice, relaxing Christmas and spending an hour watching Dean Martin is no hardship even if he was older during this show. Have I mentioned this crush I developed on Dino when I was 9? I saw a movie called Artists and Models and fell madly in love with the man. Of course, I had no concept of how old that movie was or how old Dean was, but I still enjoy watching his movies and shows and listening to him sing Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I received my author copies of Shards of Crimson yesterday afternoon. Hurrah! This might be the first time these arrived before I've found the book in the store. Of course, I'm giving the mall a wide berth right now anyway because I don't do crowds. The first thing I did was check my dedication/acknowledgment page because I didn't get to proof that with the story. The second thing I did was check a few spots in the book that I'd wanted changed from the galley. The three changes I checked on were all made--whew! If I could have remembered the others, I would have checked on those too, but my memory isn't that good and I was too lazy to dig out the copy I made of the galley.

Speaking of Shards, there's still time to enter the Super-Deluxe Crimson City Action Pack Contest! Lots of cool prizes. You can check it out on the Contest Page of my website.

Carolyn: I'll try remembering your sentence for affect and effect. It might help. But my problem isn't when it's something that's fairly straightforward--at least I don't think it is. :-) Although I suppose if I could figure out if the way I'm using it is a noun or a verb, that might help me.