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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Light Warriors

Since I first came up with the idea for In the Midnight Hour, I'd tried and tried to think of a name for the series. Okay, it's only two books right now, but hey, that's a series! And it has the potential to go on indefinitely depending on how it's received.

I'd thought about calling it The Gineal Series after the name of Ryne's people, but that was pretty boring and certainly not catchy. Besides, it says nothing really about the books. Then I thought The Troubleshooters because Ryne is a magical one of those. Except I think Suzanne Brockmann calls her series Troubleshooters, doesn't she? If not her, then there's someone. It was so frustrating. Today, though, it came to me.

The Light Warriors.

I did a search online, both on a search engine and at Amazon and the only thing I turned up was a role-playing game and a book from a vanity publisher. Hurray! The Light Warriors can be used!

I can't believe I didn't think of it before. Ryne's official title is laoch solas which means warrior of light in either Gaelic or the Gineal language--whichever works. :-) I'm all excited about this now. I actually have a cool series name!

And in other news, I have all the windows open in my house--the first time since the cold weather set in last fall--and it's heavenly. I love getting some fresh air in here.