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Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to the EDJ

I can't believe my week is up and I have to return to the EDJ (Evil Day Job). I could really get used to being a full time writer. Waking up in the morning (I was up early every day!), having coffee, blogging, and then getting down to writing. It really made me envy those writers who don't have an EDJ. A lot. Especially this morning when the alarm went off at 4am. Sigh.

Last night, I assessed my progress for my time off, and while I didn't get as many pages done as I'd hoped, I did make good headway. And I consider it a victory because this story, and its characters, finally clicked. Creed hadn't been talking to me before this week at all. Now I can hear him. Yea! Everything feels better. Too bad this didn't happen a month ago. :-(

I watched QVC again yesterday. I thought I was safe, after all, the gardening show was on opposite the first baseball game of the season and I was definitely going to watch that. Only somehow, I found myself flipping between stations. I ordered a tree peony. Yes, I shopped again. It was a really cool plant, though. And where is this gardening bug coming from? I don't garden. I'm the plant assassin!

And finally, baseball season has begun! Ahhhhhh!!!! Finally, finally, finally!!!! Happy dog dancing around the room. I write better with baseball on. Or at least I spend less money. Usually.

Back into hell.