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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Adventures in Lawn Sprinklers

Yesterday, my dad decided to bring over the tractor lawn sprinkler for my yard. We haven't had much rain all spring and my grass is looking pretty crunchy right now. I don't know if y'all know what a tractor sprinkler is, but it looks like a miniature tractor and what it does is follow the hose so you don't have to keep moving it. Very nice, but we couldn't use it on my yard last year because it had just been sodded.

He arranged the hose over much of the south side of my yard and then couldn't understand why it wasn't moving. At one point, he hollers through the window into my house that it's sitting in one place, but by the time I put down the laptop and got to the window, I couldn't find him anywhere. I shrugged and went back to work.

A while later, I saw him and went outside to see what was going on and he's still complaining that the sprinkler won't move and he doesn't understand why. He's got the directions open and it's talking about how to position the arms and he's been fiddling with that. I asked, "what do you have it set on?" Normal, he tells me. Uh, Dad, there is no normal. It's hi, lo or neutral which means it remains stationary. I turned to page 2 of the direction book and showed it to him.

Do I need to mention that he wasn't the happiest person on planet Earth at that moment? He'd spent an hour messing with the arms, thinking that was the problem. At least part of my lawn got a good soaking, though. :-)

I also had to shoot another wasp yesterday. Good thing I keep the spray handy. I don't know what it is about that one window on my south side, but this is like the third of fourth time I've sprayed out of it and I haven't had to do it with any of my others. I guess this is a good thing because only the one window is streaked with crap, but it's also a PITA because I don't dare take the screen out to clean it. They can get in the gap between my house and the window edge, and with my luck, I'd end up with a wasp in the house. I've already been through that and I'm not doing it again. Gah!

And in writing news, I'm halfway through my final read through of the WIP and on track to mail this thing tomorrow as planned. Yea! Tomorrow morning I'll be able to post my dancing Hobbes which signifies the end of the book! I can't wait!