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Friday, May 18, 2007

Snags and Exhaustion

I knew things were going too smoothly with revisions. I hit some stuff in chapters 18-20 yesterday that slowed me down. Maybe I could have powered through them if I hadn't been so tired, but I was, so I bookmarked them to come back to when I'm not going to make them worse by working on them. Three spots. 1 in 18 and 2 in 19. I'm also saving chapter 20 for when I'm more rested. It seems I had a thing for passive voice the day I was writing parts of that chapter because there sure is a lot of it. I fixed a couple of paragraphs, then decided to go to bed. Where I proceeded not to sleep, which means I'm even more tired today.

So the plan is to finish going through chapters 21-epilogue, make all the easy changes and save the tough stuff for Saturday when I'll actually have some sleep. That's going to cut into my polish time, but it can't be helped.

I don't think I have anything non-writing related to add today and probably won't until this is finished. I guess I can report that the tree peony survived the 40 degree temperatures. :-) But I think I might be the only one obsessed with its progress.