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Friday, June 08, 2007


The next time I start talking about how boring my day was, remind me that boring is good, okay? Last night, I had a refresher course on why excitement isn't a good thing.

It was windy here yesterday. Really, really, really windy. We were supposed to have severe thunderstorms to go with the wind, but some dry air was sucked into the storm and we missed out on that--which is probably a good thing with winds gusting above 40MPH. From early in the morning till into the evening, things were really blowing. After I got home from the EDJ, I watched the tree in my backyard (the one with the tree ring) really swaying around.

Well, yesterday evening, one of the trees couldn't take the stress any longer. Not my tree ringed tree, but the one on my property line with the house next door came down. Not the entire tree, just one of the trunks (It's a maple tree with multiple trunks going up together.)

We were lucky--it didn't hit anything except grass and it was one of the smaller trunks.

I've been thinking of all the good things this morning. Thank God it didn't hit anyone or anything. At least it wasn't the tree I'd just put a retaining wall around. It didn't hit any power, phone or cable lines. The list goes on.

But even though things turned out pretty well overall, boring is better.

I saw on the news the other day that the spam king was arrested. They said that we'd probably see less spam email because of it, but I have to tell you, I've had more the last two days than I've had in a long time. I still get the penny stock spam and the drug spam, but now I'm getting spam from "25-year-old girls" who saw me online and want to meet me. Rolling my eyes. First of all, can't spammers learn to target their audience better? I'm tired of getting email meant for men. (Okay, actually I'm sick of receiving spam, period.) And second, who is stupid enough to fall for this?

I've been reading fiction since I finished my WIP, but today I've switched to nonfiction. I brought my Polynesian mythology book to work to read during lunch. It's a textbook, but I'm hoping it's written in an entertaining style and that something in there triggers my Polynesian heroine's story. She's loitering on the fringes of my consciousness, but not talking. Yet.