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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Two Cs

I think I maybe might have found a coffee table! It's round, which I'm not 100% thrilled about, and at 28" wide, it's slightly bigger than I'd like, but overall, I like it. I have to go to the store and look at it in person, though. It was in an advertisement my parents received, and while it was on sale, it's still more than I wanted to spend and it's not a decision I'm making from a picture. :-) But it has the shelf and the drawer that I wanted, plus it's on casters for easy sliding around while I vacuum, which is a definite asset. The end tables that go with it are much too big, (and outrageously expensive, more so than the coffee table) so I'd still have to search for those, but the coffee table is the critical piece of furniture I need. The end tables can wait.

It's crowded in my head right now. Not only do I have the characters for the proposals I'm sort of working on, but I have characters for stories I don't plan to write hanging around as well. It's actually kind of cool since I haven't had this in years and I take it as a good sign. I really wish, though, that I could figure out what Logan and Shona's story is and who their bad guy is so that I could move forward with that proposal. I've got the first chapter in my head--mostly--but that's about it.

I think that's all I have to say today. =8-O No one is more shocked than me. :-) Enjoy your Sunday, y'all.