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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dragons and Speed

My parents came over for dinner last night, but they didn't stay long. There was more severe weather coming in and they wanted to get home before it hit. I think they just made it. :-) The severe weather is also why there's no movie review today. I wanted to keep an eye on weather alerts and wouldn't be able to do that without stopping the DVD. So I watched Speed on FX and flipped to local stations during the commercials to keep up on what was coming in. Despite the dire predictions, the storms weren't as bad as what hit at 3am Saturday morning. :-)

Speed is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not only is Keanu Reeves hot, but it's got action, adventure, and romance. My favorite combination! I never get tired of watching it.

While it was on, I also continued reading one of the dragon books I have. I found some great information as I researched that got me all excited. Maybe it'll spark a few more ideas. Today, BTW, is the day I get to work on the synopsis for the book for which I've been researching all these things. I joined my chapter's Book In a Week group to get me going on it, but I haven't been approved yet. Oh, well, I'm going to get started even if I don't state my goals on that loop. My goal for the week is to finish a detailed synopsis of the new WIP. I think I maybe have a title, too! I have to think about it for a while, though, and see if I still like it before I share here.

Another new flower this morning! Yea! This makes 5 now, although, unfortunately, the first one is fading away. I'm sure the storms we have didn't help it either since the winds were so strong, and so was the rain last night. I should take more pictures! I know you're all dying to see them. ;-) Just kidding. I might take more shots for me, but I won't bother to post them since they all look pretty much like the first flower pictures that I shared. Now, if the Sumatra Lily blooms, I'll post those shots here since it's a different plant.

Guess I better get moving since I'm working again today. Fingers crossed that it goes well.