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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Reappearing Friends and a Furniture Near Miss

What is going on with MySpace friends? I know they were cleaning out the deleted profiles, but yesterday about half the number I lost started to magically reappear. There hasn't been an announcement about that as yet--at least not that I've seen.

I heard back from my agent yesterday about the synopsis I sent her and had some small changes to make. I wanted them done last night, but I got hung up on one item and didn't quite make it. At 10pm, I finally went to bed. And again, my mind didn't shut down leaving me with yet another night short on sleep.

Oh, I almost forgot! Those of you who are regulars know my coffee table saga. Here's the latest installment. I went back online to the Coffee Tables Galore site to see if they had anything new in, and on the home page I see this totally fabulous round table! I loved it! All excited, I click to check out the details--and discover the table is 39 inches in diameter.

My hopes--my excitement--were dashed. The coffee table of my dreams is too big for the space I have. I measured it out anyway, wanting there to be some way that it would fit. There wasn't.

I checked out the matching end table, hoping that maybe that would work. Unfortunately, it didn't. It was only as wide as the ottoman and that meant if I had my laptop down on it, there'd be no room for my coffee cup. My search will have have to continue.